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Special Offer for New Customers

New Customer Valve Tag Offer

New Customer Valve Tag Offer

Special Offer - Save £35.00!

250 valve tags personalised with your details for the introductory price of £80.00

Each valve tag is 54mm wide x 85mm high and made of a high quality water proof rigid plastic.

Supplied with 100mm long plastic fixing ties.

The set contains 25 of each of the following valve tags:
VG301 Gas Isolation Valve
VP101 Mains Water Stopcock
VP103 Garden Tap Stopcock
VP105 Isolation Valve Cold Water Service
VP106 Isolation Valve Hot Water Service
VP110 Mains Water Isolation Valve to Hot Water Cylinder
VP111 Shower Isolation Valve Cold
VP125 Cold Water Isolation Valve to Washing Machine
VH207 Bypass Valve
VH209 Heating Filling Loop

This valve tag offer can only be purchased once and is only available to new customers, or returning customers who have not ordered valve tags before. Offer limited to one set per customer.

Complete the box below with the details you would like printed on the other side of the valve tags. If you do not wish to have your details printed on the valve tag, just put 'No personalised printing' in the box.

Price: 80.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Click here for a PDF showing the complete range of Valve Tags

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