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Engraved Traffolyte Label 50x50mm

Engraved Traffolyte Label 50x50mm

Engraved traffolyte label 50mm high x 50mm wide x 1.5mm thick using a high quality hard-wearing engraving laminate

Please complete the box below with the text to go on the label, or you can email the information to us quoting your on-line order number and just type "sent by email" in the text box below

Please ensure you select the colours and fixings you need as the default is a White label and Black text with a self adhesive backing

*Fixing chains are available to go with this product

If you require a quotation before ordering, you can Request A Quote and upload a schedule or drawing for us to price up, or you can send the information to us by email

Price: 1.98 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

  • Self-adhesive   
  • 2 screwholes (left & right)   
  • 2 screwholes (top & bottom)   
  • 1 screwhole at top*   
  • Self-adhesive & 2 screwholes (left & right)   
  • Self-adhesive & 2 screwholes (top & bottom)   
  • None   
  • White label/Black text   
  • Black label/White text   
  • Yellow label/Black text   
  • White label/Red text   
  • Red label/White text   
  • White label/Blue text   
  • Blue label/White text   
  • Green label/White text   

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